How to end this…?

I don’t know what else to say other than this:

“Why?! Why?!”

Why writer’s block? Why are you so frustrating? I can’t seem to manage more than a few sentences, and even then, I find myself erasing more than what I’ve actually managed to write. Been sitting at the computer for the past few hours now and haven’t gotten very far. I think I’m going to call it a night in hopes that inspiration will soon come. I can only hope.


Day after day…

So I’m back…

There was a brief moment of clarity in my writer’s block and I managed to scrape together a pitiful section of a chapter, but of course, that didn’t even stay for long. Nope, I’m back to no thoughts, no ideas, no words to write down on the blank page before me. It’s probably good that I don’t have anything to write about though, as my work schedule has now increased dramatically since I’ve taken on a second job to pay for my schooling. To make a long story short, I’m basically going to be working two full-time jobs for the next month or so until things begin to die down at work. So that will keep me preoccupied for the time being. Hopefully it will give my brain the time it needs to create new ideas and get inspired again to write.

I read a quote about writer’s block one day that I found to be astonishing for a writer to say. Now of course, I can’t recall who it was that actually said it nor the actual quote, but it went something like this: Writer’s block means that the person isn’t a writer anymore.

When I read this, I couldn’t believe that someone would have the odasity to actually say something like that. Just because a person has writer’s block, that doesn’t mean they aren’t a writer anymore, it just means that they’re stuck and need to get unstuck.

Writing is a different craft that not just anyone can master. It takes dedication, passion, and talent. Writing, unlike a lot of other fields of work, cannot be taught. You can’t teach someone how to be a good writer. The creativity has to be within the person in order for them to be successful. Now, I’m not saying that the art of writing can’t be helped by taking a class or something like that, I’m just saying that the foundations must already be there within the person in order for them to succeed at writing.

The field of writing is very difficult and hard to understand. There’s so much that’s involved in the process of writing – including writer’s block – and I think this is the main reason why that quote bugged me so much. Writer’s block, as annoying as it may be, is part of the process a writer must go through in order to be successful. Without a stumbling block, the words on the page aren’t pushed to be the best they can be. This is what writer’s block does. It makes the ideas that much better because those ideas came from a large amount of labouring done by the writer. So in the end, writer’s block happens to be a good thing; it’s that little voice in the back of your mind telling you that something’s wrong and that something needs to be done to fix it.

So now, with my tangent aside (for the most part, I think), I can conclude this entry by simply stating that although writer’s block may be the worst thing imaginable at times, be thankful (in a way) that it’s there, because in my opinion, it’s going to make your writing a whole lot better in the long run.

Just as a side note, I’m not saying don’t be mad to all lengths at it. By all means, go nuts in the mad department. I too am one that despises writer’s block, as it has caused many, MANY months of delay on certain projects that I’ve worked on (and for most of them, it’s STILL causing problems, hence the reason I’m writing this blog).

So, my fellow writers, my advice to you is to just keep chugging away at those writing pieces of yours. The words will come (eventually!). Oh, and try to be a little kinder to writer’s block. After all, it’s only trying to help.