Writer’s block strikes again

So do you remember how a month and a half ago I posted that I had begun to work on the first edit of my novel? Yeah, that’s going well (NOT). Turns out writer’s block has decided to make a come-back in my life and mess up the nice little routine I have had going. I managed to get twenty-something pages into the actual first edit before getting stumped.

It’s quite frustrating. All I want to do is work through this edit and change up a few things. Apparently my brain can’t handle such a simple task.

Instead, I’m sitting in front of my computer looking at the Microsoft Word document which contains my story… and I’m just staring at it. Every time I try and write something, I end up deleting it (sometimes I even end up deleting more than the new stuff which has been added). When that didn’t work, I thought maybe I could plan what was going to happen in the revised scenes I want to write and add into the plot. That didn’t work either. Instead of staring at the word document containing my story, I was staring at a blank page.

I’m at the point where I think I need to take a break from even thinking about this story… or the large edit which is looming in the back of my mind. Perhaps thinking of something else will help me through this process.

I can always go back to my original way of getting rid of writer’s block: starting a new project.

Looking back on this entry I notice that it is more of a rant than a helpful blog post. So if you’re completely lost while reading this and find it totally unhelpful, I am truly sorry. But hopefully you can find something useful from it. Something. Just anything.

Keep writing folks!

(Hopefully you’re having better luck than me!)


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