Post-NaNoWriMo Congratulations

It’s December. The crazy month of NaNoWriMo is done and complete (to which I might add that I won). I managed to write 50k words in 30 days (51 118 to be exact) and yet I’m actually still not done that particular novel. I haven’t hit the climax of the action yet between my characters, so I feel like another 15k or so will be needed still. And that’s just the bare bones rough as can be first draft of disgustingness. I don’t even want to think about starting rewrites for that one yet; I still have a whole trilogy and a partially completed novella which need editing and rewrites done to them first. The word count on those four there must easily be upwards of 150k. Probably even more than that.

I don’t really seem to have a reason why I’m writing this particular entry – perhaps it is just to inform you that I am still alive and haven’t keeled over yet from exhaustion from too much writing. Ha! Like that could actually ever happen (not quite sure if I’m being sarcastic here or not – the jury is still out).

Creative writing has to take a back seat for the next little while while I finish up the fall semester of school, but I have this feeling it will manage to creep back into some spare time I’ll make in between studying for my final exams. I’m undecided whether or not I want to start back up on writing the first draft of the novella or if I should return to editing my first manuscript in my trilogy. Writing problems, I know, but I can’t help but to have them.

I guess I will finish this rather short entry off with congratulating any NaNoWriMo winners/survivors (depending on how you want to look at it). I want to give you a round of applause – writing so many words in such a short amount of time is quite a feat. For all of you non-NaNo people, consider it for next year. It’s crazy, but so worth it. And definitely keep up on your own personal writing, whatever that may entail.

Alright, with that little spiel (yes, I had to Google the spelling of that word – I think I got it right?) I’m going to call it a night.

Until next time.


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