Random Thoughts

I’m going to be honest here and say that this entry will be entirely random (hence the title) and will probably hold absolutely no order to it whatsoever. There you go. Proceed with caution. You’ve been warned.

The collaboration with my writing friend has come along really well so far. We’re almost 40k into it (don’t hold me to that number for exacts – it’s been a while since I’ve totalled up our word count) and I’m loving every single word of it. Now, it needs some serious editing – many times I’ve already found words that sound awkward or sentences that are just simply out of place, but I guess the point is that it’s progress and we’re making headway. So that’s good. At a standstill at the moment, which kind of sucks, but it’s only because both of us have gotten busy again. She’s back to balancing full-time school and a job and I’m (unfortunately) jobless (psst, if you know anyone who’s looking for a fantabulous writer, send them my way!) though working more than full-time hours helping my parents renovate their house. Fun and exciting, I know.

On a more positive note, I’ve now found a new song to add to my writing playlist. Marianas Trench (if you haven’t listened to their music, DO IT. Trust me, they’re fantastic) just released a new song for their album which drops in October (YAY!!!!! Happy dance around my room :D), One Love. It. Is. Amazing. And it’s totally on my writing playlist now.

Another cool moment that only major geeky Y.A. readers will understand: Julie Cross (a.k.a. the Tempest series author) not only retweeted a tweet I wrote about a new(ish) book of hers, Whatever Life Throws At You, but she also responded to me. Yeah, I know. Geeky. But whatever. I freaked, my sister freaked (who’s also a huge book nerd) and it was totally awesome. Honestly, it’s the one and only time anyone famous has actually acknowledged me… EVER. So yeah, big deal. And an even bigger deal is that I mustered up enough balls to write her back again, and guess what? I heard back from her… AGAIN! I know, I know, even more freaking out here on my part. But seriously, there’s no amount of words that can describe how awesometacular I feel right now. And while I’m on the topic of Julie Cross, if you like Y.A. books, you have to read this book by her. Honestly, it’s fantastic. Best teen book I’ve read in a while.

I’ve started work on a new novel idea. Not sure how long it’ll end up being, but if it’s anything remotely similar to my other projects, I’m sure it’ll be a decent word count in the end. I’ve decided that I like this universe of mine I created back when I was working on my first full-length novel. I love the characters, the made up city I created is a comfort zone for me to write in, and I keep finding a new character I want to learn more about in depth. I’m not even going to try and explain the chain of character connections because it’ll get too confusing, but I will tell you that the main characters are 15 years old – at least right now. That might change, depending on how mature they start to sound when I write their thoughts and dialogue, but we’ll see. Let’s just say it wouldn’t be the first time I’ve changed characters ages to fit what I want to do.

The strange thing about this particular novel idea is that I’m not going on much. I have two fairly fleshed out characters, one partially fleshed out character, and a bunch of others who I really don’t have much beyond a name and a little background history. Other than a couple of plot points floating around in my head, that’s it. I’ve got nothing. Usually when I start a project, I have a rough ending and a few key plot points on top of character development for all major characters and most minors. That changes when NaNoWriMo enters the picture, when I don’t have time to think of plot as I’m writing and instead write it all down in very cluttered and fragmented sentences, but I always have something to go on. This time around, I’m flying blind and it’s kind of giving me a mini-anxiety attack. I mean, what’s wrong with me that I can’t form a plot? Am I losing my touch as a creative writer? If so, then damn that was a short, non-existent career.

But all joking aside, I am freaking out. What kind of a writer am I if I can’t come up with a plot for characters that are so fleshed out in my mind and 6000+ words written out on the page? I know I just need to give it time. Eventually an idea will come to me and soon I’ll be thinking too fast for my hands to type (or my mouth to speak if my wrists give out and I have to revert to voice-recognition software – yes, that has happened on more than one occasion). I just really hope that day comes soon. I’m itching to write again. I really don’t want to edit the first draft of another novel, not quite yet.

Well, I think I can say that I’ve gotten enough off my mind for me to call it quits on this particular entry. Sure, I probably could ramble on for another 500 words or so, but it would bore you to death. I fear I’ve already done that (just kidding – I think. If you’ve made it this far into the entry then maybe I’ve managed to succeed in entertaining you… I hope).

Happy writing, everyone. Now if you excuse me I’m going to immerse¬†myself in¬†Josh Ramsay’s beautiful vocal range as I blast “One Love” with my computer headphones on while I attempt to write my plotless novel.

Until next time.