2016: The Year of Rewrites and Finishing the Unfinished

Since there’s now less than a month left in 2016, I thought I would dedicate this entry to the overall progression of my writing and writing projects from the past 12 months. As my title suggests, 2016 has been a year of reworking and finishing projects which have already existed in the writing folder on my Google Drive account for quite some time. In years past, I’ve continued to start new project after new project without ever finishing anything. At first, it looked like that would happen in 2016 as well, though instead of beginning new projects, it was rewrites instead.

I managed to change that somehow – and I’m still not entirely sure how, but boy am I ever thankful. I’ve a new sense of urgency to finish all of these stories and have spent the better part of the year going back to pieces I’d just left off in the middle of nowhere, dusting them off, and pushing forward to finish them.

I dedicated both sessions of this years Camp NaNoWriMo to such an effort, tackling two separate unfinished manuscripts, determined to add to their word counts and get them closer to being finished. I’ve succeeded – partially at least. As I write this, I’m a mere scene or two away from completing a first draft, so that should be done by the end of 2016.

None of this has come easily, mind you. Along my way this year, I’ve stumbled upon many topics I’ve had to face. These topics became focus to a lot of my writing articles I’ve posted this year. Difficulties of point of views (especially male ones), issues with side characters, choosing the right name… All of these things and more I’ve had to deal with over the past twelve months. It hasn’t been easy. There have been many points where I’ve just sat in front of my laptop with a blank document, wondering if I was ever going to get the words down onto my page. But I’ve persevered, and through writing my blog entries about these various topics, it’s helped me push through.

I guess that’s the point of writing though. We have our ups, and we have our downs. Writers are constantly learning, constantly having to update things, research new topics, find solutions to problems that seem unsolvable.

It’s what we do.

So, in conclusion, I hope each and every one of your writing projects have flourished into something fantastic and you’ve managed to write your way out of your issues. I know I have (at least for some of them!).

Now, we move onto the new year. Here’s hoping 2017 is the most creative year yet! Happy writing!

Until next time.


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