How I Became A Writer

roadI’ve always loved to write. I’ve been coming up with stories since I was three or four years old. The first stories I can remember creating? I was probably seven or eight. Of course, those were part of Barbie games I would play with my sister in our basement, but it was a start. There were characters, plots, different settings, tons of dialogue… Really, exactly what I write now, only on a far less complex scale.

When I was in Grade 5, my teacher gave each of the students in the class a Writing Notebook. In this notebook, we’d do exercises for English class, but we’d also be given “Free Writing Time” on occasion. This writing time is the first documented short story I ever wrote down onto paper. But soon enough, the school year was over and the notebook went away into the depths of my closet, forgotten.

I didn’t really get into the written form of writing until I was thirteen or so. My Grade 8 English teacher’s brother owned a magazine company, and he was willing to possibly publish some of his brother’s students’ pieces of writing if they were good enough. Did I ever submit anything? No… I never thought anything I wrote was ever good enough. This was the real start of my writing career though – the pivotal turning point moment, if you shall.

All throughout high school, writing became my life. I still wasn’t really sure I wanted to make a career of it, but my love and passion for creative writing grew and grew. I joined the high school Writer’s Guild Club, where students just obsessed with writing as I was met in a group with one of the English teachers every Wednesday after school to share and critique each others’ pieces. I wrote every spare moment that I had – much to the chagrin of my mother, who was always pushing me to study more, or spend more time on my schoolwork. And then when I got to university, I discovered the wonderful thing that is NaNoWriMo.

And now I do this. Write blog posts about writing and all of my experiences with the craft, so that I can help people just like me become something better. I surround myself all day with books at my job (I work in a library), where I’m constantly inspired by the hundreds of authors around me who’ve done exactly what I want to eventually do. Something I’m sure all of you want to do someday too. But being at that job, and writing these posts for you all, gives real meaning to what it means to be a writer, and be in the writing industry. Just looking at all those names alone makes me feel that I can achieve my goal.

So do I finally consider myself a writer? Yes, I do. Have I made any money off of my writing? No, but that’s not what matters. What matters is that people around the world have read my work, provided comments, praise, and sometimes even criticism. What matters is that I’ve grown in my writing, taking old, drabby pieces of literature I once thought were absolutely amazing (and they actually weren’t), and refined them, turning them into pieces that I’m now proud to have my friends and family read, and anyone else really who asks.

I hope that this helps inspire you all – that’s the whole purpose of this entire website, really. Inspiration. For me, and for every other writer and future writer out there.

Keep writing everyone!

Until next time.

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