About Me

230349_10150281463784989_676784988_9332706_6102501_nI can write thousands upon thousands of words set in their own little universe, yet when it comes to telling my own story, I have no idea where to start.

Well, here goes nothing.

I’m Teagan. I write books (and now am just trying to get one published). Writing is my life, my passion… Basically it’s what I want to spend the rest of my life doing. I spend my free time (when I’m not writing) watching an obscene amount of sports (like seriously, I think I have a problem), working,  hanging out with friends & family, and reading.

I created this blog initially to help me get unstuck from a serious case of writer’s block, but now it’s turned into something else, I think. This is a place where I let out my thoughts and opinions on different writing matters, though I also tend to share my own personal writing frustrations from time to time.

I try to publish something new every few weeks, and will be working diligently to improve upon that too carrying forward. Overall, I hope you’re able to get something out of my writing here, even if it’s just to know there’s other people out there that share your writing problems.


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